Friday, May 02, 2008

Tubes, Food, and More Good News

DD is having her chest tubes, bp arterial monitors, pace wires and IV removed as I type. Getting tubes out is not fun and she is crying a bit even with the extra pain meds they gave her for this. The nurse assures us that she will feel so much better with the tubes out. DD is doing so well that she will be moved to a regular room this afternoon. The surgeon came by and told us that she is so amazing that she might be release on Sunday or Monday instead of Thursday. Her heart continues to show no sign of leak or regurge.



While I am grateful she is doing so well, I worry about her being released too soon. Actually, I worry (just a little bit) about my ability to care for her right after she is released. I hope my nursing instincts from my mom kick in.

Foodie News: This morning DD ate one bite of scrambled eggs, 5 small bites of yogurt, and a few sips of apple juice. She is doing well with that and still requesting the occasional spoonful of rootbeer slushie. For lunch we are going to try her all-time favorite Chicken Noodle Soup. Her resource teacher and aides all know her penchant for Chicken Noodle Soup. It must mean that she is feeling better.

My In-Loves came to see her this morning. She was too groggy and didn't open her eyes when Mr. Wonderful told her good morning or when her Grandma talked to her. But when her Grandpa kissed her and told her that he loved her she opened her eyes. Grandpa is now bragging to everyone (in his quiet way) that HE got DD to wake up a bit.

Looks like they are done taking the tubes out. Mr. Wonderful is standing right by DD offering support. I am purposely hiding in the corner with Mr. W's laptop so I do not have to see what they are doing. I am not brave when Mr. Wonderful is here to be brave for me.


heather said...

So glad her recovery is going so well! I say--get her out of that hospital as quickly as they will let you. When Morgan had her open heart surgery we ended up being readmitted that same evening of the day she was released because she caught rotavirus while in the hospital. Imagine throwing up over and over and over right after having your sternum separated and reattached with wires. Not good! Give DD big loves!

mum2brady said...

Sooo happy to hear this update!!! YAY DD!!! What an inspiration your cute girl is :) Hoping and praying that her recovery continues to go so well. I'm with Heather, stay as long as you need to feel comfortable taking care of her, you definitely don't want to have to be readmitted!!!

Monica said...

Thank you Jesus!! I am so happy that everything is going great!! Your DD and family continue to be in my prayers. Sincerely, Monica